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Welcome to devFarms!

Let's build something!

From single page static sites to complex active communities, we can help find the type of site and technology to match your vision. But, building the site is just the beginning. With care and attention, we can help your site flourish and grow.


Custom WordPress Development

No, WordPress does not have to look like a blog. It can look like anything you want. Just takes some imagination, creativity and know how.

Shopify Site Setup

Don't have the time to set up your Shopify site? We can help.

Constellation Ipsum

Requirements: To use loops to randomly build sentences and paragraphs with data stored in an array. This take on the Lorem Ipsum site uses the names of the constellations as randomly generated text.

PHP Arrays and Loops

Registration Form

Requirements: This assignment was to build a form that would take data and add that to a database. This was the begging of building out a fully function "Create, Read, Update and Delete - CRUD" site.

PHP and SQL create and read.

Password Encryption

Requirements: To allow users to create fully encrypted password to secure thier profile and create sessions to track the users from page to page to control access for the page or to show or hide specific data.

PHP, SQL - CRUD and Password Hashing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Requirements: Prevent users from voting more than once without using logins. Calculate totals to determine winners. Provide backend admin panel for staff to monitor participation and winners.

PHP, SQL, CRUD and Match



el Fenix

Santa Ana Active Streets

Joshua Tree


The name devFarms came from my days volunteering at a local community garden. Building websites is a lot like farming. Good sites require cultivation, attention to grow. My particular affinity for farming is urban farming, small scale - high impact and that is exactly the type of websites I like to build.

A well cared for and purposeful site or can provide sustenance for the human experience. Lofty? Maybe, but a good website can connect people, expand knowledge or provide a means to support a cause or mission to the benefit of our existence. Conversely, a website can be used to damage our collective as a species - the high fructose, easily consumable monocropping commodification of you, to which we say no thanks! That is not what we are about. Our sites are handcrafted, artisanal, bespoke endeavours, with the occasional help of WordPress.

The mission - Websites for good.

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